a womb of slime births a creature with gills spitting and drooling on it on earth herself a sound a siren on the crumbling ballast SIKE it's me i'm the creature im a nasty freak i shave it all but leave the stache on my boygirl shit i bob & weave about the house eating meat and rotting onions in a fervor of dark morning the sunrise is leslie feinberg in coveralls, spitting and cussing, winding up a punch for all eternity / i’m so pretty red asploded on my blushy face best dress i ever bought, purple silk, at the vintage shop, where the store owner did sissy tropes at me from CD geocities 1993 — doesnt that feel soooo soft on your legs? so smooth? it just glides on your skin & it didO she probably met siouxsie sioux at some party in london ontario O she prolly shook hands with genesis once O whatever old bat i got the dress & slipped it on right there in front of Detroit River cackling under the skyline’s shadow at undersides of seagull thieves their no fucks clever amber beaks gleaming like swords in the sunlight / the room is made of clouds that are horny, so close to rain — a pulsing red rotary phone the size of my shrink-ray’d body rings i just finished married a communist i tell phillip roth, i really liked it shut up you dumb bitch, says phillip roth, you’re a big smelly dick and tits now everything reflex & flashes in gunpowder i cough snot on the receiver & am hard i’m a big smelly dick and tits now i love it phillip thank you, i say i love you like this, says phillip, i could kiss you. i’m not gay, he says. no phillip, you aren’t. but i’m so close to being gay. yes, you’re so, so close phillip. thank you gwendolen. / below that beast of many-eyed midnight i confuse you for a fruit in the garden soft-legged & bug-like you blush & explode shells in nosebleed fluttering away in wild wetting shame from the divine judgement of mammals & suddenly some sun rises wickedly, fumbles our orchestra, simpering tubas wheeze at our expense caught naked in a stranger’s home there is nothing to do but crouch and receive God’s wrath. / *that polaroid of you and i shirtless in the dark* in your little purple apartment our breath is taut, heeding the neighbour, a quiet nun your drum machine pitter paws in like a fox atop porcelain then your guitar comes in, that billy talent riff you learned notes refracting lavender — the air was thick with it i do a big screamo voice: IF YOU WERE A RIVER YOU’D SWEEP ME AWAY THE MOUNTAINS IN JASPER THE SALT OF YOUR TASTE THE CHIDE IN YOUR LAUGH AND THE LINES ON YOUR FACE COULD GUIDE ME BACK HOME TO WHERE MEMORIES FADE the crowd goes emo as fuck with beer and sweat everywhere one guy does a triple windmill kick and he hits me in the fucking heart right in the fucking heart and i die / i'm going to send a glitter bomb to my worst enemy (who is the snow) i sit with my weathered face on this mountain that i live on all the fuck alone, above the glow & the hum & even the hush of the high place where only the coldest birds can grow the air is a still perhaps -- the mewling babycat of its vengeance for valleys -- set to snap in it angels pray thru shortwave -- the corners are tight & time unfurls in their footprints holy shit the snow just opened the glitter bomb it's all over the snow catching sunlight glimmering oh my god what a fucking asshole hahaha wow, it looks completely so pissed off / ☺♢ Ⓘ𝓕 𝐲𝐎Ⓤ 𝕚ภ𝓈Ɨ𝓈Ť 𝓸ⓝ 𝓑€เⓃ𝐆 Ⓐ g𝓲ʳl 𝐭Ħє 𝐛єSt ʷαү ί𝕊 𝐭O b𝐄 à ᵍ𝔦𝐑Ĺ ℃𝕌𝔯𝓛Ẹ𝐃 ᑌ𝓹 Iη𝔰i𝐃Ⓔ 𝐚𝓷 άρ𝐫ᶤⒸσ𝔱 ⓘ𝓝ŞᎥđ𝑒 𝐀ภ αℙ𝔯𝒾ℂ๏Ⓣ 𝓣ⓗ𝓔𝓇𝔢 ⒶrⒺ ηⓞ 𝕎๏Ł𝐯𝔼ş, 𝓸г Ⓓⓞ𝕘丂, 𝕆𝕣 e𝐯εn вᵃ𝕓ʸ 𝐃σĞs ץ乇ѕ T𝓗ᗴ𝕣ε 𝔸尺ε 𝔤έ𝔢𝔰є, 𝒷𝔲丅 𝔱ℍ𝑒𝔂 卂г乇 кเᶰd άη𝐃 𝓓Ø 𝓷𝐨丅 B𝐨тђᗴŕ мⓊ𝓬ᕼ ώเтђ 𝓉ĤєI𝔯 𝓉𝔼єŦ𝔥 𝐚ⓝⒹ Ť𝐡ᵉㄚ 𝐝𝐑𝐈n𝓀 Ⓐ𝔩L Tⓗ乇iŘ 𝔫𝐮т尺ᎥEᑎ𝓽𝕊 𝐓h尺oยⓖĦ 丂丅𝐫𝔸ᗯᔕ όυⓉⓢ𝐢𝐃Ẹ ๏𝐟 𝐀ᑭŘ𝕀ĆO丅s t𝐇ᵉ𝐑𝕖 α𝕣ε 𝕋нiᑎ𝔤Ⓢ т𝓱𝔞T ΔℝⒺ 𝓑Ⓐ𝓭 𝐟σⓡ 𝔾Ɨг𝓵𝓈 lเ𝓀乇 丅𝐬𝐮ภÃ𝕄𝐢S คᶰ∂ Ѷ𝐄𝓡𝐘 𝒇ᵃℕCㄚ Tᵉ𝓵έ𝓋Iˢᗴđ ᗪㄖ𝐆 𝕊𝓗๏𝓦𝐒 Ɨ𝓷 ᵗħ𝒆ร€ 𝓢𝕙σ𝓌ѕ Ŧ𝐡𝔢 Ⓓⓞg𝕊 ฬ𝐄𝕒ℝ קяᵉ𝔱𝓉ⓨ 𝓬LⓄ𝐭ʰ𝑒ѕ ᗩ𝐧Ⓓ 𝔰ⓘŦ Ⓟ尺𝐞𝓽𝓣𝔂 𝐚𝔩𝐒ᵒ, ⓑ𝕌ⓣ Tʰᗴ𝓢ᗴ 𝒶Řⓔ 𝓷𝐨Ŧ ภเce ∂ⓄᎶs 𝕓ⓔ𝓒𝐚𝓤𝐬έ ţħεⓨ α𝓡έ qυᶤᵗⓔ 𝓼ŤǗᶜķ-𝓾P Δ几𝔻 t𝓗ειг T𝐄𝔢𝓽𝕙 ᗩ𝐫乇 ᔕтu𝔠ķ ùᵖ, 𝐚𝔩𝐬Ỗ ί𝓃 ΔⓃ Ã𝔭𝓇ⓘ𝔠o𝐓 𝓨όù ω𝓲𝓛Ļ Wαᑎt 𝐀 𝐒ⓜAℓℓ βᵒO𝐊 тỖ R𝐞αⓓ (𝐢 sù𝔾Gⓔ𝔰ᵗ тⒽέ 𝐌𝔸ᔕ𝓀ᵉ𝐫 β𝓎 ŤⓞяŘ𝓔Ⓨ p𝐞𝕋€rŜ) ⓎØ𝔲 𝓒ⓐ𝐧 𝕣𝒆𝓪𝕕 丅ᕼ𝓪ⓣ 𝐛𝐎𝔬𝓚 ᵃ ĻỖ𝐓 ό千 丅ⓘ𝓂εŞ 丨N 卂n 𝒶P𝐫ĮℂỖ𝐓 𝓎εs, ιⒻ 𝔂συ 𝒾ŇSι𝕊t 𝕆ⓝ 𝓫𝐞丨𝔫𝓰 𝔸 𝐆ⓘR𝓵 ㄚO𝐔 𝕊Ħㄖu𝓁d 𝐛E ⓘηsIᗪ𝓔 𝓪ή 𝓪ρ𝓇𝓘𝔠𝐨T ᗯђᗴ尺𝐞 ¥ᵒ𝓤 άŘᵉ ᵗʰ𝔢 𝓢𝓽Oᑎє 𝔸 𝔴𝓪𝓘𝔱iᑎ𝓰 т𝐑𝕖E Ø𝔫𝔼 DΔ𝕪 ĐⓄ𝕘𝓈 Ŵ𝓲𝕃𝐋 𝔟ค𝔯ⓚ 𝕦Ƥ ч𝕆Ữ ᗩ𝔫Đ ρเşѕ ㄖŇ Ⓨσ𝓤 𝓨ό𝐮 ʷᎥL𝕝 ⓗα𝓥є 𝔸 ϻ𝐢ℓ𝐋𝕚𝐎𝓃 вUق𝕤 ⓞ𝓝 YσⓊ ч𝕆𝕌𝕣 𝓛𝕖𝔞V𝒆𝓢 WᎥⓛL ѕнak𝕖 Ⓖ𝔢η𝕋𝔩¥ Įᶰ 丅ᕼ𝓔 𝐰𝐈ⓝ∂ ⅋ 𝕡Ⓔ𝕠𝐩𝐋乇 𝕎Hσ нAⓋ€ Ⓙù丂Ŧ 𝓰Ỗ丅 𝔤𝕃ᵃS𝔰έ丂 ⓐ𝓕ţέ𝐑 𝓪 Ĺ𝓸𝓷𝓖 𝐭ιm𝒆 𝕠𝐟 𝕟ⓞⓉ hA𝕍ⒾηǤ ģ𝕃𝕒şS𝑒ş wI𝓛𝓁 ℓØ𝓸ⓚ 𝕒t ЎỖᑌ ᵃŇⓓ ᔕᵃ¥ “𝐎Ĥ, ι ⓒ𝒶𝓷’丅 ᗷẸℓ𝒾ⓔⓥ𝐞 𝕚’ᵛe ๓ι丂Şᵉ𝔻 Ťℍⓘ𝓈.” ✎............ faggot

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